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I heard that there had been a revolt of sorts at my old library (oh, sorry, information) school. Apparently, the students were sick of being packed into classrooms like sardines. Seriously, there are too many people in library schools, and the schools don’t seem to be teaching anything of value, and there aren’t really any jobs to get when you graduate. The old librarians aren’t retiring, or they’re not being replaced. It’s really terrible to be an underemployed or freshly graduated librarian right now.

Information schools haven’t heard this, it seems. On my old school’s blog, there was a link to a total puff piece about how well Canadian libraries are doing (unlike American ones, apparently), and how shiny and bright the future of libraries is. They need to say that, or they wouldn’t get their hundreds of new students a year they can’t even find space for, let alone jobs.


Oh, and Debian Squeeze is still working well and I’m really happy with it. I highly recommend it for EeePC 701 users. The Xfce version, at least, I’m not sure how well GNOME runs on it. I have read that it’s best to install from Lenny, and then update to Squeeze, which is what I did.

Debian Squeeze

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I’ve installed so many distros on my EEEPC 701. I started with the default Xandros, but enabled “advanced mode” pretty much right off the bat. I toyed around with Puppy, though I never installed it. When Mandriva became the first non-Xandros distro to officially support the EEEPC I installed that. Since then, I have installed Xubuntu, Ubuntu, Fedora (KDE, Gnome, and XFCE versions), Arch and Debian Lenny. They all pretty much worked, except for Debian, which was really weird. I couldn’t get wired internet, I couldn’t mount flash drives or SD cards. It just wouldn’t work.

Anyway, I recently decided to try installing Debian again, as I think I’m about ready to settle down with a distro that can last until the EEEPC kicks the bucket. Debian seems like a good choice, as it’s somewhat lighter and faster than the other big distros, and seems to have lower requirements.
I’m not sure what happened, but my most recent Debian install worked (other than wireless, but I could figure out how to fix that). I decided to move from Lenny to Squeeze, though, because the kernel used by Squeeze has the stuff that lets my wireless work without any bullshit.
After the upgrade to Squeeze, I had a hell of a time figuring out where my desktop went. The Xfce panels were still there, and I could launch applications, but there was no desktop; clicking the right button wouldn’t give me the Xfce menu, I couldn’t see what was on the desktop, and no matter what I did, no background picture would display. It was just grey.

After some googling, I found the command to launch the desktop, and now it seems to work fine and look way better than Lenny did when I first installed it.
I’m running Chrome instead of Iceweasel, just because the only piece of software I’d like to be on the bleeding edge of is the web-browser, and who the fuck knows how long until 3.5 makes it into Debian? 3.7 will probably be out by then.

That said, I really love what Debian seems to be all about.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace